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Steven Georgeou is the founder and president of Geocom, Inc., a marketing management firm. He consults to companies in Financial Services, Travel and Telecommunications on marketing strategy and program development. His insights on customer behavior and needs are the basis for successful new products, customer acquisition strategies and customer loyalty initiatives.

In Financial Services, Steve has developed new products and loyalty programs related to credit, debit, cobranded and premium cards as well as enhancements that have improved the performance of existing products. He consults to travel companies on customer acquisition and retention - both online and offline. In the telecommunications industry, he has been at the forefront of the development of new interactive services for cable operators and customer retention strategies for long distance carriers.

At Citibank, he was Vice President of the marketing, training and customer service in the New York Banking Division. In this capacity, his department was responsible for innovations related to customer acquisition and retention including Citibank's 24-hour banking, re-defining the branch manager's position as sales manager, and the creation of a 24-hour customer service unit.

As head of the strategic planning group for the New York Banking Division, Steve was responsible for new product development and pricing strategy. He supervised the re-pricing of all individual and business services and the development of a higher level of service in the retail branches for preferred customers.

While at Citigroup, Steve also held an international position in the travelers check business. He was responsible for market strategy and program development for key markets including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia.

Steve's international marketing experience began at Trans World Airlines when he was in charge of all marketing program development designed to generate traffic originating in Asia. This included advertising, direct response and tour product development. His understanding and appreciation for customer-centric service was further developed in the U.S. business travel market where he managed advertising and product development targeted at frequent travelers.

As head of marketing for sixty-five cable TV systems across the country, Steve was responsible for customer acquisition, retention and the introduction of programming services at Warner Amex Cable Television. In this capacity he supervised the launch of new pay TV channels and the re-marketing of basic cable and existing pay services. To achieve the desired growth, a wide range of marketing strategies including direct sales, advertising, telemarketing and direct mail was tested and implemented under his direction.

Steve is a featured speaker at financial services and travel conferences in addition to being interviewed in trade publications and on television. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago with an MBA in Marketing and Finance and holds a BA in Economics from Lafayette College.

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