how we do it

Geocom brings its in-depth knowledge of the marketplace - built up through the years of concentration in service businesses - to bear on each client assignment. We engage our clients from the outset to help them establish their objectives - the beginning of a sound marketing strategy. We then address customer needs and make sure that the two are working together. By doing so, we are able to create programs that are targeted, engaging and results-oriented.

Competitive Intelligence

Geocom tracks emerging technologies, new products and competitive initiatives on a global basis. We draw on this knowledge-base to build exciting products and programs as well as predict the next trend or competitive move.

Customer Insight

You can never know too much about your customers for the simple reason that they are always changing and unpredictable. To create successful strategies and programs, we first make sure that our clients have the requisite information. If not, we are well versed in customer segmentation, database management and market research techniques and work with a host of suppliers - yours or ours - to develop the necessary insights into customer behavior and motivation.


Building on Competitive Intelligence and Customer Insight, Geocom works closely with its clients to develop results-oriented solutions - be they new services, cost-effective ways to acquire customers or long-term, customer loyalty. Often companies see these as separate strategies, but from our perspective, they are interdependent strategies that contribute to more profitable customers.

Program Development

Bringing together all the requisite resources to orchestrate the execution of a given strategy is critical to its success. We work with your resources or complement them with our own. Either way, your success is our success. The detailed planning that goes into the development of a new program or product is enhanced by the company we keep - category leaders who are potentially strategic partners. And the job doesn't end with the launch - most importantly, Geocom works with clients to measure and evaluate performance post-launch to ensure that your objectives are met.

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